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Anger Management Activities


In this article you will learn:

  • Why you shouldn't take you anger out on others. 
  • Anger Management Activities that can interrupt your anger patterns. 
  • How exercise can aid in anger management. 
  • Why it can be good to talk about your anger.

The pain and rage that one feels when angry, often followed by feelings of shame, can be upsetting for everyone involved. There are many effective anger management activities that can be practiced to control stress and anger. Everyone handles anger differently, some are quick to get upset and take those feelings out on anyone around them. This behavior over time can strain relationships and cause stress for everyone involved. Learning some basic anger management techniques can help control a persons mood and behavior when angry. 


Don't take it out no others, talk it out

You should not lose control if you get angry. Solution will not come by taking it out on others. Instead you should explore your anger to gain control. Just that act of talking it our with others can be calming. Often parents, teachers, friends or relatives have been through what you are feeling and can provide sound advice. Sometimes just being a good listener as all it takes help one feel better.

It probably is not a realistic goal to think that you will never get angry. A more realistic approach would be learn how to manage your state of mind. We can not always control what happens to us but we can decide how we will feel and react to it. It is impossible that you will never get angry. If you remember that how you act when you are angry will worsen or improve the situation, then you will not be so quick to lose your control. This is known as anger management. There are good chances that if you have a problem with anger, know it. You might need help to find out the ways to deal with this problem. Anger management is doing the same thing. You should discuss your concern about anger with your n

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earest person or a therapist.

You may do any of the activities listed below to manage your anger.

  • Count slowly to 10  
  • Draw a picture of your anger  
  • Take a brief walk away from your current location  
  • Change your focus- Think about a place that always makes you happy.  
  • Sing the words to your favorite song.  

The important thing to remember is that all of these things will interrupt your current state of being angry. It will however take some action on your part to do this when you first start to feel angry.

Exercise is another great way to quickly change what you are focusing on. This could include walking, riding a bike or simply doing some quick sit-up's or push-up's in your office or at home. A bit of exercise will not only calm you down at the moment but will also help to relieve stress that could create another anger outbreak.

Always remember that you are not alone. Many people face the same issues. Finding and anger management group for support to talk thing over can be calming and also provide solutions you may not have thought of. They can provide real life examples of anger management activities that are currently helping other members in the group. 

The best way is to understand why you are angry. If you can remove that cause then there is no need to be angry. Once you become used to this type of self dialogue activity anger management will come easily for you. 

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